Will You Be Mime? (2016)


SALT (2016)

Director: Jake Taylor-Kipping & Tom Stoker

Screenwriter:  Jake Taylor-Kipping & Tom Stoker

Genre:  Short/Comedy


What do you do when you spill salt?

Socially awkward Rufus goes through an incredible journey of getting some salt back into a salt shaker. But every time he tries, the situation gradually gets worse.

Mind The Gap (2014)

Directors:  Nora Staff

Screenwriter:  Connor Patrick-Walsh

Producer: Ana Stanojevic

Genre:  Short/Drama


Mind the Gap is the remarkable story of Margaret McCollum, the woman who waits every day to hear her husband’s voice at the tube station.


Not many know their story, or even wonder who is the man behind the “Mind the Gap” announcement. Oswald Laurence first recorded the announcement in the 1950’s, and it has been running on the London Underground for years until the tape had to be replaced with a new one.


The change came as a shock to his widow, Margaret, who after his death waited every day at the station in order to hear his voice once more. 

This Is US (2015)

Music Videos

Come Together (2016)

Artist: Becky Wynne

Director: Tom Stoker

Producer: Ana Stanojevic & Jake Taylor-Kipping

DOP: Theo Clark


Director:  Ana Stanojevic

Screenwriter: Ana Stanojevic

Genre: Short/Romance


This is us, is the story of Jess and Ravi, a couple in an online relationship, told form her perspective. The film focuses on different moments and aspects of their relationship, higlighting the ways that they are just like anybody else, as well as the ways that their relationship is made difficult by the distance.


This is us, looks at the loneliness and sometimes prejudice that come with those aspects, and from “having a relationship with your computer”, something that a lot of people nowadays can identify with, and ultimately asks whether it’s worth it.


While Jess and Ravi have to face both, they manage to have their fun, and ultimately try to show the world that love can bloom in any situation, as well as the fact that every love story is different and beautiful in its own way. 

Director: Jake Taylor-Kipping

Screenwriter:  Jake Taylor-Kipping

Genre:  Short/Romance/Silent Film


A mime tries to find his voice in the name of love. Everyday, Mime goes to his boring office job, but by night he puts on some face paint, a costume and becomes a mime, performing along London's Southbank for the public. Along the way he meets a fellow girl performer, who is dresses as a clown. 


They form a special friendship. However, Mime is actually a mime himself, and never talks. He even texts emoji's and funny faces; never words. Clown always tries to get him to talk, but Mime never budges. In a strange way, they don't really know each other at all, but we can get that there is something there. Something special. 


One day, a threat arises, when Clown’s Ex-Boyfriend 'Joker' gets back in touch, and shows up to try and get Clown back. It is now up to mime to get past his fear of talking, and tell Clown how he truly feels.

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